I was born a passionate animal lover and never grew out out of it! I cry in every animal movie or television show that is the tiniest bit sad, and I will cry happy tears at the conclusion.


I lose sleep in thunderstorms knowing somewhere out there is a dog running for it's life (or thinks it is). My heart breaks for the homeless in shelters, strays on the streets, bitches in puppy farms, males made to fight and everything I missed in between!


I clearly remember one day while working at a vet clinic was the day a big, beautiful, black (very sick) Bernese Mountain dog came in to be put to sleep. I set him up in a spot that was to be where he would spend his last few hours. I checked on him (patted and spoke to him) several times throughout the morning. I would gently rub over his body like I would just as I do when assessing a dog and it's coat before a groom. He was frail and in pretty poor condition but still beautiful. The next time I walked passed he was gone. Of course I was sad but holding it together because I knew why he was there. What I didn't know was that soon after, that big, black boy would be brought in motionless and I was being asked to hold open the huge plastic bag in which he was about to be put into, needless to say I lost it! I couldn't control the tears and I definitely couldn't assist in bagging him up and placing him in a freezer.


It was then I knew working in a vet clinic was not for me! It did take me some time to work out what part of the animal industry I belong to but finally I did and here I am now...

So why should your four legged family member be groomed with us?

=Your dog is my dog

He/she will be groomed just as I groom my girl Meika - a gentle, thorough groom with probably a few too many kisses thrown in!

=The service doesn't end here

I will help eliminate stubborn hair you find on your floors, furniture, car and clothes.

=We help save lives

I will be identifying lumps and bumps, skin issues or abnormalities you yourself may have not already noticed. Remember your vet will only see your dog once or twice a year so it is a long time between check ups!

=We entertain & delight

I will be getting your dog out of the house or backyard for a few hours - think of it as a little excursion! (A trip to the groomers should be a pleasurable experience or at the very least something your dog accepts is part of life).

=A pampered pooch is a happy pooch

Lastly, your dog will be getting the treatment of it's life so it looks, feels and smells it's best for you and your family!



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